We are seeking agents and universities in Europe who could arrange  higher education for students from South Asia and Middle East, We have number of prospects students . All we need is IELTS free admission in higher education institutions.

Zara Khan
 Euro Education

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We are an established international student recruitment company which is based in Malaysia and predominantly, we focus on the following business:

1. Recruitment of international and local students to Malaysia Colleges and Universities.
2. Recruitment of Malaysian students to India for medical degrees.
3. Recruitment of international and local students to Universities abroad.

We would like to have a possibilities of working with your company in terms of our business as noted above.
We notice that there are some synergies between our two companies.

Please kindly advice and send us additional information to: bq.malaysia@gmail.com
Dear Zara

We are Lahore Based Study and Immigration Firm , write us in details about your need for Europe.




WE are working as educational consultants in Pakistan. kindly send us details so we can work together



could you send me detail about it in my email id anglzfortune@yahoo.com

Susmi Kapali

Wingate International Education Consultancy

Lazimpath, Kathmandu ,Nepal


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