interenship programme in malasia For the 12th passed students(age 20-35)

We are introducing PROGRAM: Internship Program in Malaysia  (Paid) for + 2 students with High skilled Placements..... 


Key High lights:

*       Being pure academic, this Program will not only enable the student to receive ‘Internship certificate’ from ‘City of Sunderland College (UK)’, but it will also improve the functional capabilities of candidate.


*       This program will multifoldedly enhance employability and will provide hand on experience.



*       This program will provide the student, an opportunity to work in the industry relevant to his Qualification and desire.


*       During this program, Student will be exposed to highly skilled work domain as It is not a normal labor work permit but is a Skilled work permit and Placements will be arranged accordingly.


*       On completion of 1 year, Intern can easily extend the permit for another year. In addition, on completion of 2 year the candidate can apply for work permit and Permanent Resident ship.


*      This program will provide an atmosphere where one can “work hard and party harder” That ensures experience filled with fun. With all this, candidate will be paid handsome stipend.


*       Candidate having higher skills and Experience have greater chance to get professional placement in Sony, Panasonic, Toyota and many other renown MNCs 

Work Domains :

Candidates can have the opportunity to work in:

-           Production.

-           Technician.

-          Restaurants.

-           Hotels. 

-           Beauty Clinics.

-           Health – Care,

-           Marketing.

-           Sales.

-           Administration.

-           IT Industry. 

-           Nursery / Kinder- garden teachers.

-           As a Beautician.

-           Farming etc....


·         A Stipend from 1000 RM to 2000 RM.

·         If the candidate is highly skilled & posses noticeable experience than it can go up to 2000 to 5000 RM

      (1 RM = 14.33 Indian Rs.)

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Dear Rajeev

Please send us details and process at,


Muhammad Ihsan
Lahore- Pakistan
Dear rajiv
pls send us all the details and process at
plz send detail....
Dear Sir,

I am writing to request you for registration as Agent with your organization.

We have a Potential Network in Pakistan.

Kind Regards

Saiqa Kanwal
Immigration Company Pakistan


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