Study and work in Singapore (Earn while you learn) Inviting Agents


AN excellent opportunity for student visa for singapore for 12 month hospitality programme where 1st month student studies and next 11 month the student is on the job paid trianing, after the completion of course student gets an paid internship.


course fees: nominal

excellent commissions,fees after the visa.


if interestested, please contact me on



Mohit Chhabra

Director International Operations

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Hello I have student want study PHD in Singapure. Who can help me?

Please give us details at



Please send in details for this excellent program I have many students interested to study in Singapore my email id is

Do send detailed information to :

Dear Mohit Chhabra,

Please kindly send me the details of the programme as I am interested to work on it. I have been send a mail regarding since one week ago but no reply yet. 

Can you kindly provide me the information I am keen for it.

Thank you.



Darrem, apologies for the delay, could you send me your email addrss to send you the information on

Hello Mr Chhabra

Please email details on

Dear Mohit,

I have send the mail to you. Please kindly check and send the details to me.

Thank you.



Please send us details at



Please send me details at my email:

Send me the details at


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