U.S colleges and universities understand the importance of agents. PlanetGPA represents at least 40 universities that pay a commisson of $1000 for students who enroll in their institutions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Best wishes!

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Dear Madam

Can ou please contact me at : universalgroupcameroun@gmail.com I wish to have more détails on cooperating for my area in Central Africa subregion

We are interested to send students from Bangladesh .Please send us complete details to our mail ascentro@groupmail.com.

For your information we are group of companies based in Dhaka dealing in education ,travel & Events We are in business since 2004  and very much successful.

Best regards

Zahid Ahmed


ASCENTRO Global Network BD Inc.

Please send me the details at thakralmk@hotmail.com

Dear Dr. Gupta,

Please send us the detail terms and conditions to work with your institution at commonedu@gmail.com

Dear Dr Uma,

Kindly send us more details on how we can work together in recruiting students into the US colleges.

Our email is: info@accessgoals.com



send me the details at thakralmk@hotmail.com

 send me more details about your offer at zaherul_1@yahoo.com


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