Education agent in Viet Nam want to cooperate with all universities in all over the world

Hi, every body !

I am agent in Viet Nam. I have a lot of student who want to study Language : English, Chinese, Spainish, France before to prepare for university. If you are University , if your university have any schoolarships or any special programs, not hestitate to contact with me. I will make promotion for your university in Viet Nam.

You can contact with me :


Name : Cherry Phuong

Skype : phuongduhoc


Yahoo :phuongduhoc

Mobile phone :+844945450948

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Hello Cherry,
Lets Speak English would like to work with you for mutual benefits and welcome your students onto UK Tier4 Study Options.
Please reply if you are interested to work with me.
Lynda Embling


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