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I am Rishi Mehta, the country manager for Sagar Group. We are an international consultancy firm having its secretariat in London. We have a very strong working relationship with a number of professional consultancies assisting students to find Universities for the career of their choice. The reason of this detail is to inform you that we have been appointed now as the Regional Exclusive Partner of London College of Accountancy   ( LCA ) in India. If you are looking for a Business School in London for your students which offers QUALITY, AFFORDABILITY, and FLEXIBILITY then we can help you achieve that.


LCA - Institutional Overview:

LCA is home to over 4,000 international students from over 80 different countries with one aim in mind ‘ Success in future career’. With a prestigious, 65,000 sq feet new campus, offering state of the art facilities in the heart of London, LCA offer its students an international experience.LCA is proud to have become the first accountancy college ever to win the prestigious Queens Award for Enterprise, awarded in recognition of their performance in working with overseas students. In 2010 LCA became the first college to receive a second Queens Award for Enterprise.


LCA provide a range of courses leading to academic and professional qualifications. They offer over 8 undergraduate degrees specialising in Accounting, Business, Marketing, Law, Finance, Management, Human Resource Management, Hospitality Management  etc. Other course on offer are , a very popular MBA Programme and other MSc Programmes in Business Management, Accounting & Finance or PGD or PGC either in Business Management or Business Administration. LCA enjoys a  Gold status as an ACCA approved tuition provider. LCA is now formally an Associate College of Anglia Ruskin University and Anglia Ruskin University acts as the Tier 4 sponsor for LCA students for visa regulation purposes.LCA students have the opportunity to:

  • Study at the heart of London in LCA’s Flagship Campus
  • Have quality education at affordable fee
  • Gain work experience in London by working up to 20 hours during term time and

          more during holidays

  • Graduate with a globally recognised degree awarded by a reputable UK


 For further information  please visit:  www.londoncollege.org 


Partnership Enquiries:

If you are interested to be one of our valued partners please send your interests to rishi@sagargroup.net



India Office                                                                      UK office

Rishi Mehta                                                                     Bhargav Shah

301-B , 3rd Floor                                                              Unit-2 , Berkley House                      

Silverline Complex                                                          18-24 High Street

Besides World Trade Centre                                         Edgware, Middlesex

Sayajigunj , Vadodara                                                     London

390005,Gujarat                                                                HA8 7RP

+91-265-2361753                                                            Ph: 0044-2035448901

Mo:0909992386308734871131                                 Email: bhargav@sagargroup.net

Email: rishi@sagargroup.net                                        




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Hello Friends

Some countries like UK , USA , Canada , Australia & NZ are proven countries. Students went their for study & made their career & suggest other student to be there. so why do many consultants offer Georgia, Singapore or other countries ? Students who have gone there , dont have good experience. I request other consultants that pls suggest those countries & courses that students can make their life & give your reference to their friends.



Please send details on Zajaath@gmail.com


which country u r from ? bcoz i cant admission out of india for LCA. 

Hi Friends

   Have you ever think that what kind of business we are doing? are we doing business for today by targeting maximum commission or are we creating base for future by counselling for better options to students ?

   My suggestion to all friends , please have look at institutions & their affiliations & inquire about education given by them. I know many consultants used to work as individual consultant , counselling students in such institutes who gives more commission. But later on many institutes were closed down in UK they realized that they are not getting references. To get new students they have do advertisements a lot or some of them have changed their business. Then they have started searching for a reputed college in UK where students are happy & they found interested to study.


   please have a look at LCA & ask reference to other consultants in your city or your students who have already gone to UK. Your student will enjoy his life in UK


Enjoy university  benefit in LCA. It is associated college of Anglia Ruskin University. It means university will assign CAS for this college.


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