We are looking for agents willing to send students to our on-line classes on a commission basis.

You may like to recommend our courses to students who are planning on going overseas to study English before they leave their country.  Studies have repeatedly shown that students who study on-line with native speaker teachers before coming to Australia have performed much better after they arrive.  The on-line study helps them to identify the problems that they may have with English before they have to cope with the culture shock of a new country.

We offer on-line academic English, general English, and IELTS classes.  Our Academic English classes are designed either for students who have been accepted into an English speaking university and who want to work on some academic skills before entering, or for students who are struggling at university or in their academic English course and need more help.  Our IELTS courses are, obviously, for candidates wanting to work on their IELTS skills before taking the test, and our general English courses can be tailored for any skills that students might have.

Contact us for a copy of our brochure if you are interested.



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