Ayten Shadlinskaya

Center for International Students and Scholars
Khazar University
11 Mahsati Street
Baku, AZ1096, Azerbaijan
Tel.: (+994 12) 421 79 27
Fax: (+994 12) 498 93 79
E-mail: ashadlinskaya@khazar.org

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dear director shadlinskaya


we wrote to you requesting for a dialogue to see if we could work with your university for india unfortunately we have not progressed. if you have medical and dental courses priced reasonably and delivered in english do speak to us since we can do a lot of work for you from here. nishoshay saigal

nosh.saigal@gmail.com 9766640000

Can Nigerians apply? If yes send us more information at: caspinconsultancy@gmail.com


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