TECS is Virtual University & offer Destine Learning courses & looking for new worldwide agents, affiliate and authorized centers -TECS offer 10 to 50 % commission for each year of study years

-TECS University offer 10 to 50 % commission for each student for each year of study years 

-TECS is Virtual University & offer
Destine Learning , On-line, Correspondence courses
& looking to appoint new worldwide Recruiter Agents, and Affiliate & Authorized centers.
 -from Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia & Thailand, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, 
Sri lanka, China, Pakistan and African Nations ...ETC

About TECS


TECS is Virtual University & offer Destine Learning System, via its Virtual Campuses to provides high quality, updated collegiate courses that are designed to provide an exciting and meaningful education experience. Attending our virtual campus, your students will study all the required materials at their own home, The student will study and graduate in his/her country, There are office hours at which your students can meet their instructor to help get the subject.


Place , time and study system


TECS University teaching one of the best and the latest modern academic curriculum in the World, using the latest means of teaching in the world in country of the student under the supervision of skilled professors, in a virtual hall in sound and image - at various times where the student can choose the right time for her/him without conflicting with her/him work, leisure time and without leaving business, her/him country or family


Method of test and graduation


The student will be tested in his country or the nearest country to his country in authorized centers by TECS University to oversee the integrity of the exams

To provide practical courses - in the final academic year - in cooperation with experts of private and public institutions -   to refine the theoretical expertise gained during the previous academic years and prepared the student to enter the labor market

If the student complete all courses successfully, it will be subject to graduation meeting - in specified time - in his own country or the nearest country to his country - to prove that he worthy to obtain two degrees by TECS University and by one of US or UK partner universities


If you are interested in the possibility of becoming a Recruiter Agent, and an Affiliate & Authorized Center for Virtual Campus, please attach a letter of your interest and a packet of your agency - or college, information to:

Attn: J. Mansour, info@tecs-edu.org 

As soon as we receive your on line application form we will send you our agreement terms

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I am Srinivasan, a overseas education consultant from India.  Presently, i am sending students to a canadian flight school.  Please kindly send details of your courses.  Thank you




Please send us details at hossain@steps.com.bd


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