USA Study Visa: Procedure, Planning and Preparations

The excellent education system with multiple disciplines makes USA the number one study abroad destination. The United States being the global leader in the field of technology the country has the calibre to provide a plethora of study options to international students who aim to pursue technical courses in the US universities.

Reasons for being in USA for higher studies:

  1. Universities with an international reputation
  2. Flexibility – most welcomed by international students
  3. Advanced classrooms
  4. Knowledge of various culture
  5. Study in USA increases career Opportunities

Obtaining a USA student visa might look hard and time-consuming. But all the education institutions in USA are offering a red-carpet welcome for all the international students. The procedure involved in obtaining a student visa may be a bit confusing but still, there are thousands of students getting the visa every year. All you need to do is just fulfil the USA study visa requirements thoroughly.

The total number of students who were issued the USA student visa in 2018 & 2019:

  • F1 student visa for around 362896 students
  • F and M visas for around 1169464 students

Let us now understand the procedure for US Visa.

  • The first step is receiving a form from any of the authorized university or institution. This form is to validate your admittance in specific university. F-1 Visa is granted based on the I-20 form and J-I Visa is based on DS-2019 form.


  • Students should take proper care while filling the application form. It is the candidate’s responsibility to adhere to the same spelling in both passport and application form. In case of few subject and courses the international students need to undergo and additional procedure of screening thus increasing the Visa sanctioning time. 


  • The next important process is getting an appointment for the visa interview. USA Embassy has a given clear instructions on their website. You can go through the information but for thorough understanding of the process and for complete Visa assistance you can visit the nearest study abroad consultants.


  • Applicants of F visa and M visa are supposed to pay US$350 as SEVIS fees. J visa applicants are supposed to pay $220 as SEVIS fees 3 days prior to your visa interview. Print of the payment receipt is mandatory in case of online application.

Now let us understand how to crack the Visa Interview to get successful Visa.

Prepare to USA Student Visa Interview:

To deliver the apt information in a stipulated time frame is a something which all the interview attendees must learn. Language is not a barrier for this interview as English is a must to pursue education in USA.

Be prepared with your objectives:
The officer needs to understand clearly that why you want to pursue your higher education in USA. It is advisable to emphasize the reason for opting the USA as your study abroad destination. All the details regarding your course, ambition, university and interests must be told to the Interviewer.

How to face a USA student visa interview?
It is always safer to submit an application for a student visa three months prior. This gives a safe zone and time for you to manage any kind of unexpected hurdles at the embassy which can cause delay. Care should be taken on attire as it should be presentable and decent for a visa interview. As the officers may not have much time to spend it is better to give the best impression on first sight.

How to Explain the Visa Interviewer:
An honest and right information from the international students is always expected by the Visa Officers. It is essential to give explanations for choosing a particular university or institution. A decent academic score also works best for the visa interview. In case if the grades are below average provide a better explanation on your plans to improve. Your intention to return to home country after studies increase your chance of receiving the US Student Visa.

Get USA Study Visa:
It is required for the Visa Interviewer to understand and your intention to return home with a series of questions. It is always right to prove to them with information which justifies that you will be back to your home country after studies.

Hope this article gives you an overview of the USA Visa process and how to successfully crack the Visa Interview to avail the study visa for USA.

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