does any one do recruitment for middle eas contries for Labour like plumber , fitter , house keeper , etc. pls let me know i got huge number of clients ready to fly.





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yes we do

please advise as what you would like and when you would like to go there




Thank you

Mr Ali

Dear Friend,


Keep in touch With us, we are a manpower Supplier authority For gulf Countries..

Please Contact Us At Zvex001@gmail.com

Dear Sir,

We have following urgent requirements for following categories and countries :-

1.     Kuwait for garden workers (mali)   -   30 Nos salary 75 KD visa charges - 40
2.     Carpenters and masons(Kuwait)   -   05 + 05 salary 110 charges          - 45
4.     Qatar - Security Guard 5.7ft         -   30 Nos Salary  1100QR               -  50

5.                Mason, carpenters, painters welders  Salary 1100QR - 1500QR - 50

6.     Bahrain - Carpenters and masons  Salary 120 BD     - Charges            -  60
7.     Maldives - Carpenters, mason, welders, labour, helpers - Salary US$200 - 300( Except Labour). Labor salary   

US$175/-     - charges 40000/-

Thanks and Regards


Aniv Kumar,


We have two applicant right now in hand. Please forward your working condition and procedure.



Southwest Consultancy


web: southwestbd.net

Caravan International said:

we need Housemaid for Dubai,,,,,SALARY 800DHMS,...No service charge.....just need to buy the ticket


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