YouTube Videos: why you are probably wasting your time.

Many institutions have invested a lot of time and money in building a marketing presence on YouTube. That is a smart move given that YouTube is the third most visited site on the internet behind Google and Facebook, the second largest search engine, and serves more than 4 billion videos daily. Frankly, if your institution does not have a YouTube presence you are behind the play in the ongoing contest to attract and recruit international students.

Most of the videos we watch (and we watch a lot!) are really compelling, and do a great initial job of attracting student attention. Unfortunately the vast majority fall massively short of their potential as lead generation tools. Why? Because they don't make it easy for a potential student to act on the information they have just seen and got excited about in your video.

Think about your videos on YouTube. Now ask yourself what you want potential students to do once they have watched the video. Get in contact with you right? That way you are getting qualified leads in at the top of your sales/recruitment funnel and can set about applying your current engagement practices to (hopefully) convert them into enrolments.

Now think about how effective your videos are in helping students get in contact with you. What happens at the end of your video? Fade to black? If so what action do you expect the student to take? Some will go to the extra effort of going back to google, typing your institution name, going to your website, and finding your lead form. Many wont. Inevitably you will lose a lot of potential leads.

At best your video might feature the web address of your institution at the end, or even throughout the entire show. Again the student still has to go to the effort of finding your site and navigating to your lead page.

If what I have just described sounds like your current YouTube videos, consider this. What if each of your videos contained a clear, powerful call to action - eg "Find out more about this course now" - placed at whatever point in the video you choose. When a student who is watching the video clicks on the link in the call to action they are taken direct to the relevant page in your website - ideally a lead capture page.

This approach is almost certain to radically improve the effectiveness of your YouTube videos as lead generators.

The good news is that we can help you make your existing YouTube videos more effective by including powerful calls to action to potential students. We can do it very quickly and easily with no need to make any changes at all to the videos themselves.

If you are interested in exploring this further, please get in touch

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